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As a mom I crave anything versatile, it may just be the female in me. It's our mission to bring as many versatile bags as we can. Sustainability is not 100% doable for many of us and for many reasons. Time, budget, remembering, etc, the list is endless, I do believe that in us each doing a little we can together make a huge impact. It only takes a few bags to save hundreds of plastic bags every year. It's a starting place, I promise you as you use one bag, you'll find many reasons to need a drawer full. Thanks for helping us make a bigger impact. 



Growing up my mom always wanted me to sew, I tried it and walked away. It was boring, I'd wanted to be outside adventuring. I’m 100% an adrenaline junkie. Fast forward many years to being a stay at home mom I bought a used sewing machine and found my love for creating with no limits. This feeds my entrepreneur soul growing up in a family business and it allows me to stay home with our 5 kids, it’s truly a dream. You’ll often find me with a cup of coffee, gardening, browsing fabric or adventuring with our family. Ooooh and I really like sports, it definitely brings out the competitive side in me.

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